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Jobs Section

Recruitment And Curriculum Vitae

Welcome to Splash 'n' Swim's jobs section.  The jobs section is divided into four parts.  The jobs page is for businesses to advertise their available positions in the aquatic industry.  It's just not solely for level two swimming teachers, it could be for lifeguards, teaching assistants or aqua aerobic instructors!

The job recruitment page is the contact form to advertise the positions for section one.  The current price is £4 for thirty days and £3 of this will be used to advertise the position on Facebook, after which the post will be automatically deleted from the website.  

If you wish to advertise your services as an aquatic professional, businesses can find your details on the curriculum vitae page.  The curriculum vitae form page, is the contact form which you use to advertise on the curriculum vitae page.  The current price is £1 for thirty days.