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About Splash 'n' Swim

This website is designed to be a useful source of information for anybody involved in the world of swimming.  It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out in swimming or at club level; hopefully you will find something that will be of interest.  Information and articles will not be just confined to this website, there will be links to other websites that are of interest; Splash ‘n’ Swim also has facebook and twitter accounts (just click on the logos to go to our pages).  As well as Facebook and Twitter, you can contact Splash ‘n’ Swim on our contact page – we can’t just do this by ourselves, we need your feedback too to help make the website grow and be as informative as possible!

Splash ‘n’ Swim originally was going to be a database where parents could visit to find swimming lessons for their children.  Of course there are other websites out there, which could cater for this requirement.  So how could Splash ‘n’ Swim be different?  Well, here you can find video clips demonstrating ideas on how to improve your lessons (if you are a swimming teacher) or how to help your child if they are struggling with a particular element of a stroke; worksheets to print off and complete (you don’t need to get wet all the time to learn how to swim!) and a whole load of information to read and enjoy.

Splash ‘n’ Swim is intended to be a fun and lively website, that will hopefully spark debate and encourage ideas that can be shared amongst the community.  Any views that are deemed offensive by Splash ‘n’ Swim or other members of the community will be taken down. 

Please note that Splash ‘n’ Swim is not responsible for any of the views written in the blogs and that any action undertaken due to the blogs is the sole responsibility of the participants.