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Coming in From the Cold: The Winter Swim Championships, Siberia


Brit Jane Hardy travelled to Tyumen in Siberia, 8-12th March 2016 to take part in the Winter Swimming World Championships, her biggest challenge was coping with the extreme cold.

With air temperatures close to sub 20 'C with a possible wind-chill of minus 30 'C and water temperatures below zero, Jane really needed something special to combat cold as she was swimming just a swimming costume, cap and goggles.

She took daily ice baths in the UK as part of her training as well as dipping in the North Sea and a local lake throughout the winter.  On the day of her competition she had three swims, one every two 

hours so it was of paramount importance she had something to help her core recover and to keep warm between swims.

Pete and Andrea from Swim the Lakes in Ambleside very kindly sponsored Jane with the provision of a Robie Robe event jacket "It's actually the best piece of winter swimming kit I've ever had and I'm eternally grateful to Pete and Andrea from Swim the Lakes for their generosity...... the coat is like a luxurious arctic sleeping bag which  has been transformed into a long coat with a lovely soft warm fleece lining.  It kept me warm between swims in Siberian conditions...... I wouldn't dream of contemplating another winter swim without this piece of kit I was also pleasantly surprised by how much I was able to squash it down and pack it into my suitcase too...... when you consider how long and warm and cosy it was...... an added bonus if you need to travel to a swim."

Jane came away with a bronze medal, third in the world in her age group.

"Considering it was my third swim of the day in those temperatures, I can't deny the important role the jacket played."

Jane is fundraising for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue - an organisation dedicated to the rescue and well-being of all marine mammals in distress around the UK.  Her goal is £1000, here's the link to help her to get to and beyond that goal:


jane hardy with medal