Should You Teach Your Own Flesh And Blood?

Adult Graduates and Child Prodigy in Classroom --- Image by © Peter M. Fisher/CorbisI am a complete and utter hypocrite.  Why is that at I hear you ask, because I always said that I would never teach my own children to swim and yet, here I am teaching/coaching my eldest in the fitness class at our local swimming club and about to embark on teaching my two youngest after Christmas.  It was never meant to be this way, but due to circumstances life has thrown at us, this is how we have ended up.

The first time I taught India was when she was seven and she was in a group of swimming lessons that I had inherited from another swimming teacher.  Give her her due, she listened and tried her best to be technically accurate to the best of her ability, but I did get a lot of questions that I felt were unnecessary and probably wanting to go into a level of detail that was probably too deep.  A few weeks after taking over the class, India got the opportunity to swim at the local swim club that I volunteer at and she jumped at the chance as it gave her more opportunities, such as diving off blocks.


Fast forward to September 2013 and India was not happy in her class and it was affecting her swimming.  The final straw was when club politics got in the way and conflicted with what India wanted to achieve with her swimming – simply to be with her friends and my husband and I pulled her out after a major meltdown in the sport centre’s café.  After being diagnosed with stomach migraines, I re-enrolled her into the fitness class that I took at the same club in the hope that it would help combat the stress that was causing them.  If I’m honest, the experience hasn’t been a pleasurable one so far and quite stressful.  I don’t feel that India is putting in the effort (stopping every length to fiddle with goggles etc., swimming speed is very slow) and argues with everything I tell her.  Admittedly, I was completely unprofessional at one point and told her that her front crawl kick reminded me of a dying insect (I have since profusely apologised and have not repeated since, in the hope that in years to come we can laugh about it).  India, I believe, has two factors against her swimming:  1) her confidence and enthusiasm has been dented by what the swim club expected of her at such a young age and 2) she is like me in the fact she hates being told what to do and cannot separate my two roles of teacher and mother.  Luckily, I have my husband who is willing to take up the parent role and act as the negotiator/pacifier and I think it is beginning to work.


So what can I expect after Christmas when my two sons start swimming in classes that I take/on poolside for?  I am hoping that Sam will benefit from swimming in a deeper pool, but worry that he might be distracted at first from having mummy teaching another class whilst he is being taught; but he knows his new teacher and the relaxed environment will help him.   I recently have had the pleasure of teaching Luke, which was a completely different experience to teaching his sister.  He was eager to please and did what I wanted him to do.  The other little boy that I teach on a regular basis greatly benefitted from having Luke temporarily in the class, as he saw Luke as competition and the improvement in his front crawl was off the scale!  I hope this will continue, as it will greatly benefit his swimming and his learning experience.

They say that blood is thicker than water and the bond between parent and child is always going to be in the way when it comes to teaching.  Whether the child thinks the parent doesn’t know what they are talking about (a common one as the child gets older), or the parent is either too hard or soft on their own child.  Other parents or pupils might take umbrage to the relationship too.  How hard should you be on your child when you need to tell them off?  What might be acceptable at home could possibly cross the line on the poolside.  How would your child react if they hear other pupils or parents talking about you behind your back?  Quite naturally, they could become very upset.  On the other hand, your children could help bring you down to the level of the other children and help you appreciate more their point of view.  Children can be brutally honest in their opinions and this can be put to good use.  Opinions on whether you should teach your own child, is definitely split down the middle and at the end of the day, you and your child are the only ones that can make the decision right for you.

Why Become An Aqua Aerobics Instructor?

Why Become An Aqua Aerobics Instructor

Although to most swimmers, the pool is the place to go to exercise, for most gym goers the pool is more of a chill out zone.  Most people under estimate the pool as an area to work out as they don’t understand the principles behind working out in water.  You won’t sweat as much as you do on land, as the water keeps your body cooler, your heart rate won’t feel like its pounding as the rate is slower in water, you will work your body harder as you are surrounded by resistance, this can work your body between four and forty two times harder than land.


What sort of exercise do you do in water – you may ask?  You can do anything, the traditional moves of aqua are kicks, jumping jacks, cross country skis, rocking horses, frog jumps and tuck jumps to name but a few.  You can have workouts which focus on particular muscles, for example, jumping jacks, which as you know focus on squeezing your adductors together (otherwise known as those bits of the thighs we all hate!!).  You could have interval training, so this could be where you use an action, for example sculling water for twenty seconds slow and then powerfully for twenty seconds, or you could jog for twenty seconds and then sprint for twenty seconds – the answer is you can do anything you like really.

The participants of aqua are known to be very demanding – I say as an instructor you are like marmite they love you or they hate you – sometimes you can never quite tell.  One thing you have to remember is that these participants have often come to the gym for a long period of time.  Aqua aerobics is not like Zumba or Insanity; it’s not a phase it’s been on the programme forever.  Once people have a routine they don’t like change – that’s why at first they can seem a little fierce.  However once the participants have been won over, I think they are one of the loveliest groups of the gym to work with.  An example of this is last Christmas at my Thursday class, I decided to jump into the pool, I got told off because I got their wash and set wet!!  However persistence of the class works, as when I had two weeks off they begged me not to go away again!

Aqua Aerobics Class


So why would you want to teach aqua?  I train people to become aqua aerobics instructors and one of the reasons people say they wish to do it is because it’s easy!!  On average I teach sixty classes a month – I disagree that it's easy– it can be hard work, hot environments to work in, buildings with poor acoustics, music systems that rarely work (don’t talk to me about microphones!!) and concrete floors to land on, when bouncing around!  So that’s the negatives – the positives, it’s fun, it's rewarding, you can make-up your own workouts, you can choose your own music (Kylie Minogue and S Club 7 for me) and as there are not many aqua aerobic instructors around there is plenty of work and you are always in demand.  Have a think, is it something you would like to do?

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